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Problems are relentless with XPS15 9550 such as constant BSoD or taking forever to boot

When I press the start button on my XPS 15 9550, the start button keeps flickering (white light) but the computer fails to start (the computer is plugged in and the battery was replaced a few months ago after the parts recall). When I press a key at random, the keyboard lights up but dies again. I would turn the power on, off and on again, run the hardware diagnostics to find no issues, or open and shut the lid etc. Eventually the button light stays on, and Dell logo appears. I have to go through this "ritual" every time I boot my computer. Sometimes, when I turn the switch on and do nothing, after anything up to 30 minutes or so, I find it started up by itself. I googled the issue and tried different settings suggested on various sites. None of them made a significant difference let alone resolving the problem.

This error started after I was plagued by endless incidences of BSoD lasting over a year and many many hours spent on contacting the Support (they were sympathetic and did their best at the time) or having had so many problems upgrading to Windows 10 the Creator. 

I don't know if these issues are independent or related. However, I am coming to the end of my tether with XPS 15 9550. Is there anything else I can do before I bite the dust and throw it in a bin?

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