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Re: Adding Drives to CX300

What are your plans for the out-of-warranty CX300? If you are thinking of putting it up on Ebay or so, you'll want to make sure you keep the first 5 drives in that system, otherwise it'll become a doorstop (or at most a source for spare parts to someone).


So, that being said, I'd first unbind all LUNs and raid groups on the old CX300 (don't forget the hotspare LUN/raidgroup). Once this is done, you can take the drives from bays 5 to 14 (the enclosure counts the drives from 0 to 14, so 0 to 4 are the so-called flare drives). These drives could now be put into the newer CX300 and then be used. Keep in mind that Dell support may ask you where those drives came from if you ever have a drive failure among them as they can see what originally shipped in the CX300 and if you buy new drives (to expand your space or to replace out of warranty drives), they'd need the order number of the newer drives to verify that they were purchased from Dell to ensure that they can cover them under their warranty.


If you're concerned about any possible data on those 5 remaining drives, you can create a 5-disk raid 0 on them and then bind a LUN on there. Let this do a full bind, then destroy the LUN and raidgroup and make it a raid 5 raidgroup and LUN and switch back and forth a few times. Each bind will do a full scrub, so after several binds (especially of different raid types), your data should be unrecoverable to a point that it would probably be safe to say nobody would bother. If you're still uncomfortable, what you could also do is after several binds, present the LUN to a host and let the host run some software to completely wipe the contents of the disk (I would usually suggest Darik's Boot and Nuke, but I'm not sure that this bootable ISO will have Qlogic or Emulex fiber channel drivers to be able to see the LUN, but there are also host-based software solutions that will do several runs over the disk to write zeros and ones to the disk to ensure recovery is impossible.

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