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Re: Adding Drives to CX300

From having dealt with Dell|EMC for a few years, I know that when you buy Dell|EMC harddrives from Dell spare parts (refurb) or regular Dell sales (as upgrades/expansion), these drives carry a 90 day warranty, or the warranty of the system that you put them into (whichever is longer).

So, when you call in about a failed drive, and the tech notices that it's a drive slot that wasn't occupied when the enclosure was sold (e.g. drive 0_0_13 fails, but the unit was bought with only 10 drives (which would have shipped as 0_0_0 to 0_0_9)), he or she may ask you where the drive came from. If you can provide an order number that you used to purchased the drive, they should honor the warranty. If you provide the order number of the out-of-warranty CX300, or explain it's from the out of warranty CX300, the drive is out of warranty and you'd have to buy a replacement. However, it's all dependent on the tech noticing that you have more drives in the unit than what originally shipped.

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