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Dell MD3200i unreadable sectors

Hi there

We have 2 of these disc units and they are performing lovely,however, we had a disc failure at the weekend, and I failed the disc, re inserted a new one and the array did its thing by rebuilding the RAID 5 array onto the hot spare and then once completed it then copied itself back to the replaced disc.

Upon the re build of the array, it came across 410 unreadable sectors, but upon reading various Dell forums this is not as catastrophic as it may first appear.

Our array has re built itself, all of the virtual machines are working perfectly and I can see no data loss. It seemed at the time the best course of action to keep going with it.

Now as everything seems to be satisfactory, is there a way of clearing off the attention alarm, so we can get back to a blue light, I do not want to do anything to upset it as its working fine at the moment, or should I be getting the data off and do something to it?

Any advice would be most welcome, but like I said there was a post by a Dell technician that said it was not always necessary to destroy the array and start again.



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