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RE: Upgrading to 3.19 kernel with Dell factory 14.04 image

Great news - looks like you don't need a full 15.04 install, just the 3.19 kernel (that comes with 15.04) will do the job.

The steps in part (4) came from me, and I'm not sure this the best or correct way to install the 3.19 kernel on an Ubuntu 14.04 system. Perhaps someone else can let us know whether it is, and if it's not, offer a better way to install it.

The risk is, if this is a development PPA, that a future upgrade might install an experimental version of the linux kernel. But if that happens, you can always boot to GRUB and select the 3.19 you had before.

Indeed, how rude of me not to give credit where credit is due.  I apologize, I have just been rapidly trying to restore my system 😄

That said, MRC01's point is that the PPA that is added in this guide is the developmental/testing PPA for LTS kernel releases.  Typically, once a kernel is added to the LTS enablement stack, you will be able to install it using commands similar to this guide:


Trouble is, we need the drivers from the 3.19 kernel now for the XPS 13, so we can't wait for the official release that is due around Septemeber of this year.  Perhaps someone could add to this guide steps for removing this workaround and installing the officially supported kernel so we can do so come September.

For now, this guide creates a stable Ubuntu experience with only occasional keystroke repeats.  It is stable enough that I believe I will keep the laptop in order to support the Sputnik effort.

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