RE: XPS 13 - Fingerprint reader Linux support

On Oct 22nd, I ordered the Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu laptop. I was offered the fingerprint scanner as an option, and so assumed it would work without any issues. Sadly, I hadn't read this thread first.

When the laptop arrived on Nov 1st and I couldn't get the scanner to work, I discovered this thread after a bit of searching.

At that stage, I asked my Dell sales rep (Muhammed Ghufran) for a refund of the part (£20.84), as I believed it was sold to me fraudulently (as it could never have worked).

He insisted I give Dell technical support a chance to give me a solution. After lots of backwards and forwards with Alan Fletcher and one of his advisors, Mark (tech support call ref: 956111615), we realised that the suggested fingerprint-gui package just didn't work with the fingerprint scanner that came with the Dell (device ID: 138a 0091).

I went back to Muhammed and again asked for a refund. At this stage, he told me that he couldn't do anything as the order was placed online, and suggested I ring Dell customer care on 0844 444 4712.

I did that this morning (Nov 9th), and explained the situation. At this point, I was told that as more than 14 days had elapsed since placing the order, no refund could be given.

I mentioned that the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 give me 14 days to cancel the order from the date I received the laptop (Nov 1st), and the person on the phone stated that they would put me through to the UK customer care (so I've no idea where he was, given I dialled a UK number).

After explaining the whole mess yet again (customer care call ref: <<private information removed by admin>>), and a lot of waiting on hold, I was told that after 1-2 working days a refund would be approved, and 3-5 working days after approval, I should get a refund.

Dell have done nothing but give me the runaround in trying to get a refund for this fraudulent sale. If it wasn't for me quoting the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, I'd have got nothing out of this. It's not even as if I'm going to get back any money for the phone calls or my time to resolve this.

All in all, I'm not very happy with Dell's stance on this, and certainly not happy with the fact that, as of this morning (Nov 9th), the fingerprint scanner is still being offered with a configuration under which it can never work.

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