XPS 13 (9360) Trackpad issues...

Hi dev's,

I received my dell xps 13 (9360) this week and I'm overall really happy with it. This gotta be probably one of the best notebooks I've ever had, hands down!

However one thing that is bothering me immensely is that the track/touchpad is pretty unusable.

It's seems that the mouse cursor is frozen, no matter in which direction i'm going.... the only thing that is then working is navigating through the touch screen or using a mouse (bluetooth or wired).

Does this happen to anyone else as well?

I've also noticed that I can re-produce this error. Whenever I need to enter something in a textbox (browser searchbar, etc...) and then try to navigate away on the touchpad it's frozen!

I'm happy to provide any logs that you might regard as helpful!

Thank you once again for creating such a kick-*** laptop. Kudos to everyone at Dell! Thanks!