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Re: XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu full disk encryption

Hi @dell-mario l,

Unfortunately, I was not able to restore the XPS 13 9370 via the Dell Recovery Media or CloneZilla image backup yesterday.
I have to investigate first on this.

In case, I am blocked, how can I restore XPS 13 using the Dell factory ISO file ?

So, I am no more in position to go on tests proposed.

Meanwhile possible differences between your and my tests:

- French XPS 13 9370 (French keyboard)
- Dell Recovery 1.60 installed from GUI and not command line ?

Finally, I don't understand the tests you are proposing:

- which live media are you talking about ? Dell Recovery Media ? If I boot from it, it is fully graphical.
- how can I check that the debs folder have been updated ? Meaning which files should I check ?

I still believe exchanging ISO file including fix will speed up tests and bug resolution.

Kind regards

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