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Re: XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu full disk encryption

@Christophe14 I looked through your logs that were sent via PM (Thanks) and the newer version of the package is not present.  

Nov 19 21:34:21 ubiquity: dell-bootstrap: version 1.60~somerville1

It's using 1.60~somerville1.  The newer version is 1.60 (which is bigger).  So you are definitely not testing with the fix.

I'm not sure why the newer version isn't being automatically included to the media for you; but that is certainly where the remaining failure is.


Here's a more manual way to do it.

0) Make sure you have the ISO image and deb file both handy.

1) Open up Gparted (install if it not installed).

2) Delete ALL partitions from USB disk.

3) Create a single new partition, format it as FAT32.

4) Close gparted.

5) If the partition didn't mount, unplug and plug back in USB disk.

6) Open up the ISO image in file-roller, and hit the "Extract" button and browse to extract it to your USB disk.

7) Manually create the directory "debs" and subdirectory "main" if they don't exit.

8) Manually copy the '.deb' file to that location.