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Ubuntu Linux 18.04 recovery image for Precision 5530

Hi there!

I bought a Dell Precision 5530 some months ago with Ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled. From half of December Dell is also soffering the same with Ubuntu 18.04.


Is it possible to obtain the recovery image (iso) containing the newer version of Ubuntu? 


What I have tried:

- using the page https://www.dell.com/support/home/it/it/itbsdt1/drivers/osiso/linux and entering my service tag gives an error and suggests me to call the Technical Support;

- calling the Technical Support but the guy said that he knows nothing about Ubuntu 18.04. He also seemed to me that he wasn't aware of the fact that Dell customizes Ubuntu installation as he told me that I should download the iso from the Ubuntu website.


Is there anything I can do to obtain the newer version of Ubuntu customized by Dell (i.e. working switchable graphics out of the box)?