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Re: XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu full disk encryption

I very much appreciate all of the effort that folks in this thread have put into trying to get FDE to work. It still seems as if the process is a bit buggy and complex, and I definitely don't want to run the risk of an autoremove completely locking me out. I have been using LUKS encryption on my previous XPS (which was originally a Windows machine) for years, and this is one feature that I don't really consider optional.

Given that I really need my XPS to be stable and I also want FDE, I'm considering:

  • Backing up my system and trying the steps listed here, although the fact that they don't seem to produce a 100% stable system is worrisome.
  • Updating to 18.10 and trying to get home directory encryption to work there (which also seems dicey).
  • Wiping everything and installing Mint 19 with FDE and trying to use the Dell-specific drivers with that (is there a tutorial for using Dell drivers in Mint?).

I have enjoyed vanilla Gnome Ubuntu for the last few weeks on my new XPS, but I've been a happy and productive Mint MATE user on my old XPS for years and wouldn't mind switching back to that (or perhaps a different DE) as long as I won't lose Dell driver support.


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