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Re: Ask the Expert: Maximize the Benefits of Your EMC Online Support Experience – Tools, Tips and Tricks

Hello bastum,

Thanks for your inquiry.  I'm not clear on whether you're referring to "alternate contact" as another person who would be a back-up contact within the customer's company that EMC could contact, or if you're referring to alternate contact information (e.g., phone# or email address) for the contact on the SR.  So, I'll attempt to respond to your question from both angles;

Re:  Alternate Contact information

  • When a customer open a Service Request in Online Support, any alternate contact phone number or email address that a customer has assigned via their Online Support Preferences>My Settings will be displayed in the Create Service Request form.
  • Before a customer submits a service request, they have the option to modify the alternate contact information for that particular service request (or leave it as is).
  • Once a customer submits a service request, any alternate email address or phone number information that was populated in the Create SR form,is appended to the note on the Service Request.  EMC Technical Support Engineers would see this alternative contact information in the notes when reviewing the Service Request.

Re:  Alternate Contact Person

  1. When a Service Request is opened in Online Support, the customer who opens the Service Request is listed as the contact on the Service Request.
  2. If a customer wants an EMC Tech Support Engineer to contact one of their colleagues as their back-up (e.g., in the event they are out of the office), they have the ability to reassign their service request(s) to another contact by following these steps:
      1. Go to Online Support
      2. Go to Service Center > Manage Service Requests (use the sub-nav menu at the top of the page)
      3. You'll be taken to the "My Service Requests" list view by default
      4. Open the Service Request that you wish to reassign to another contact by clicking on the SR Number in the list view.
      5. Once you're viewing the Service Request, you can select a new contact to assign from the 'Contact' drop down, as shown in the screen shot below (note: only contacts who are authorized contacts of the customer site will appear in the drop-down)


I hope this answers your question.  If it does not, please reply to this post to let me know if you have further questions.