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Re: Ask The Expert: Connectrix FOS 7.3 – Fabric Vision Proactive Capabilities

Thanks for the video in provides us with a view of the direction that Brocade is taking which is beyond normal SAN zoning. I can see how having all these tools is capable of reducing turnover time when having new HW implementations.


1) There is an increasing number of requests pertaining to SAN security beyond that of normal zoning and masking. What new features regarding SAN security are in existance today at FOSv7.0 as well as Connectrix?

2) I have implemented LDAP @ v7.2.1 and it appears to be inconsistent at times just not allowing the user. I have toyed with secure LDAP; however, the documentation to support it and the ease of implementation appears to be challenging.This makes it near impossible to implement. Also the threat of a FOS upgrade breaking it can limit our need at times. Is this changing in the near future with v7.3? or the new Connectrix?



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