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Welcome to this Ask the Expert conversation. In this session we’ll bring the best and most experienced experts from around the world to respond to all the questions you may have about SAP HANA TDI, EMC solutions for SAP HANA TDI, implementation rules and details.

SAP HANA, still being a young technology, is evolving and maturing. A sign of this maturity is the increased deployment options it increasingly provides. SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration represents the future of SAP HANA, bringing unprecedented levels of openness and flexibility to SAP HANA datacenter integration. This increased openness represents a critical enabler of customer’s decisions to move from a PoC phase towards making SAP HANA a mainstream component on the datacenter architecture. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of miss understandings in regards to what is SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration, its rules and possibilities and we hope that this ATE session will help bring clarity.

There are no forbidden questions on this session, so do not miss this unique opportunity to get your questions answered.

Meet Your Experts:


Antonio Freitas

Global SAP HANA Technical Architect - SAP HANA

Antonio has been working with SAP Systems since 1997, having performed such diverse roles as SAP Basis Consultant & SAP Systems Architect advising customers on technology selection deployment, transformation and operation based on the specifics of their business, SAP Basis Team leader for customers in the Banking, Insurance and Telecom Industries, IT Operations Manager in the Retail Industry, as well as SAP Practice Manager and Director of Strategy on behalf of IT Providers, and SAP Basis trainer for SAP, teaching SAP Basis/NetWeaver certification academies and other SAP Systems Administration courses.


Allan Stone

Solutions Product Manager - SAP HANA

Allan has been working in IT for over 30 years as a mainframe Systems Analyst and Software Engineer. Since 1997 he trained as a SAP Basis Administrator for a global SAP roll-out at a fortune 100 company. Later Allan transitioned to International SAP Consultant for SAP Technical Core Team (TCC) managing and executing customer on-site Performance and Stress Testing for critical escalated SAP go-lives in retail, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Since 2005 he has been working at EMC with current role as a Pragmatic Certified Solutions Product Manager driving the SAP HANA Solutions Roadmap.


Sean Gilmour

Global Practice Manager - SAP HANA

Working with EMC Systems since 2000, having started as a Oracle and Informix DBA, Sean moved into EMC supporting applications on EMC storage for the Midwest Enterprise teams. From there he added SAP, Microsoft and DB2 knowledge. In 2010 Sean was asked to come work for a hush hush project that was going to change IT, this became what we know as CI and VCE was born. Sean brought his application knowledge into the new team, and then also added lab management and the ability to physically build Vblocks from the ground up. In 2010, he move back to the services side, by taking on the global role of setting up and providing PS solutions for Applications and Big Data on Vblocks. This has most revolved around SAP HANA and the odd backoff against Exadata.

This discussion takes place from Sept. 14th to the 25th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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