Re: Ask the Expert: SAP HANA TDI with EMC - Implementation, Rules and Details

That's a question we keep getting, and also yesterday one global service provider asked the same.

The simple answer is that the TDI rules apply regardless of the SAP application or the size of the SAP HANA node, as its SAP that defines the rules, and that's how SAP has defined it.

But going deeper, I believe the question keeps popping up because the simple answer I gave above, doesn't match the "gut feel" of all those experienced architects that have been designing SAP systems for years new.

Why? Our experience shows us that the "right infrastructure requirements" for a certain SAP application is a factor of the number of users, number of interfaces, batch workload and database size. So, in our minds it seems wrong that the TDI rules are the same regardless of all these factors.

We need then to look at the SAP HANA TDI rules as a guideline for certification.

SAP HANA, being still such a young product, still lacks broad experienced resources in the market.

SAP by defining these rules, is defining a baseline from which the customers can build systems and where performance will not be a major challenge. So, these rules are a starting point, as once the application is in production, its up to the customer to monitor it and administer it, and adapt the allocation of resources to its actual needs.

In summary: look at this TDI rules as a "safe starting point", as a guideline. Not as a hard rule written in stone.

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