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Re: Re: Ask the Expert: Introducing DSSD & Rack-Scale Flash

Hi Dynamox,

1) Concerns of theft? Rogue CE of another company walking away with customers metadata?

A: The data on the USB is just telemetry about the appliance, not its data. It provides information about how the appliance is performing and whether any components are close to EOL or producing faults.

2) If system has multiple cards, how do you manage multipathing?

A: DSSD provides Multipathing that is always on and spreads data across multiple ports on one or two client cards for performance and fault recovery.  With a two Client Card option the application is protected from Client Port faults, Client Card faults and server PCIe bus faults.

3) Is DSSD support matrix available in E-Lab?

A: Not yet.  DSSD provides a support matrix through our Systems Engineers when working directly with clients.

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