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H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Super First ....How much?


Max IOPS Over Over 1000k

Max throughput  Over 100GB/sec

Latency Under 100usec

If you think gee its fast by  above number  ... you are storage nuts....

And yes ... this spec can be done with other product ....let me show you what you need to do to get same...

spec with DSSD D5 Isilon X410(SATA model)100GB/sec see this difference !


--> if you want to get 100GB/sec spec , you need 320U 8rack Isilon ( huge! ) BUT ONLY  5U with DSSD D5!

DSSD D5 is way too fast ! ( it does not mean other storage and Isilon are slow though.....)


A DSSD D5 can have up to 48 clients connection !

General connection for storage are Ethernet ,FC , and Infiniband if you need speed .

DSSD ? None of above are used ! DSSD use PCIe Gen3 to connect Clients directory !


PCIe Gen3 are rare technology for external connection yet . Also required high quality connection for cable and other related gears ....

So We have created New DSSD IO cable and Client Card  for client connection using PCIe Gen3 technology !

We make gear if we can not find !


This connection is used NVMe technology on PCIe3 Gen3 infrastructure .

NVMe is one of the storage standard like SATA,SCSI, and designed for Flash drive .

DSSD use PCIe Gen3+NVMe technology and get latency under 100usec.

Create parts if there is none available on the market .That is  DSSD mind. We do everything to offer customer the best!

You can see how much EMC putting effort on DSSD ..

Are you getting DSSD mind now ?

Next ....will show you how Client contacts DSSD.

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