【Translation】Ask The Expert:What is DSSD ?

This Ask the Expert event originally took place May 9th - 20th, 2016 in the Japanese forum


It took 5 years! We all know this is fast and powerful but what exactly ??? Experts will navigate you to the DSSD world ! Do not miss this chance !

Meet Your Experts:

    Hideto.Mochizuki (hideto.m)

     Systems Engineer, Isl In Ent _ Specialist Isilon

     Isilon Expert is also DSSD expert ! His outstanding SE skill goes beyond Isilon.

     He believes in integration of humanity and latest technology .

      System is build to make people happy, not just showing tech geek!

     Makoto,Miura ( Makoto)

     Sr Systems Engineer, Cor In Ent _Specialist Orcl P

     Well Known for Orcle Expert but that related storage bring him to be expert !

      Love tech stuff! Also love outdoor stuff !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

It was a year ago @ EMC World 2015, First DSSD show up ....

Everyone at there was shocked as it has great power. This has technology beyond anything in the market .

Now in 2016 , Finally DSSD has been GA. Most of the customer says ``Gotta have one!`` ``So simple``

``So edgy ! ``

I believe this product is the key for successful Business .So here I am, I would love to walk through

to DSSD world with you and show you How DSSD change your business !

BTW , I wrote this blog!

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Most of the people think ... what is DSSD ?

OK ...Lets start with what this storage for .... Block? NAS ? Object ? This is too fast so it must be memory!


Well ... cannot believe it ? Hard to imagine First and Object storage .... does not mix well together ?

Lets me show you what this can do and show you every step of the way! Lets go !

BTW The first release model called DSSD D5 . I Cannot wait for another model come up soon as well !


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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Super First ....How much?


Max IOPS Over Over 1000k

Max throughput  Over 100GB/sec

Latency Under 100usec

If you think gee its fast by  above number  ... you are storage nuts....

And yes ... this spec can be done with other product ....let me show you what you need to do to get same...

spec with DSSD D5 Isilon X410(SATA model)100GB/sec see this difference !


--> if you want to get 100GB/sec spec , you need 320U 8rack Isilon ( huge! ) BUT ONLY  5U with DSSD D5!

DSSD D5 is way too fast ! ( it does not mean other storage and Isilon are slow though.....)


A DSSD D5 can have up to 48 clients connection !

General connection for storage are Ethernet ,FC , and Infiniband if you need speed .

DSSD ? None of above are used ! DSSD use PCIe Gen3 to connect Clients directory !


PCIe Gen3 are rare technology for external connection yet . Also required high quality connection for cable and other related gears ....

So We have created New DSSD IO cable and Client Card  for client connection using PCIe Gen3 technology !

We make gear if we can not find !


This connection is used NVMe technology on PCIe3 Gen3 infrastructure .

NVMe is one of the storage standard like SATA,SCSI, and designed for Flash drive .

DSSD use PCIe Gen3+NVMe technology and get latency under 100usec.

Create parts if there is none available on the market .That is  DSSD mind. We do everything to offer customer the best!

You can see how much EMC putting effort on DSSD ..

Are you getting DSSD mind now ?

Next ....will show you how Client contacts DSSD.

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

As I`v been saying ... DSSD is Super fast Storage ...but for what ?

Super fast system = you get better result from it .... so what is the benefit for getting fast system ?

Money ?...... Yes...... we all work for money ....

But today, I want to share something bit different ....

Medical .... DSSD fast processing technology gives quick and effective treatment for patients.

Patient`s medical history , family history ,genes ,and other patients cases ...All information

has been checked and compared ... then find best treatment . DSSD can be used for this process and shortens analysis

time by 98% . So DSSD can make better and quicker analytic result and resulted that offering best treatment to patients !

You get to wait for 100 min at GP if they are busy but if this wait time shortened by about 98 % ... nice wouldn't it ?

DSSD can make things happen quicker .... Also DSSD is Object storage ... but most of the data are block these days ,,,,

so how can you transfer those block data to Object data ...?

NO Worries ! It can be done!

We have Server software called "Flood Block Driver"You can install this to your server.

Then DSSD looks like traditional block storage at your server !

Also other stuff called "DSSD libflood" "Plug in for HDFS" are available now !

"DSSD libflood"

Library for C+.You can get best result by using this allowing access DSSD API directory

"Plug in for HDFS"

Allow HDFS  multi Analytical Processing process from multiple servers at same time .


So ...DSSD is Object storage but this  can be used for multiple storage listed below !

Object storage ( DSSD API access )

Block Storge ( Via Flood block drive )

HDFS storage ( Via HDFS Plug in )

Do you think you can use DSSD in your system and make HUGE change ?

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Today, I want to share my experience with my customer ...

AS we All know, Japanese customer expects high quality when it becomes to availability,reliability.especially in finance industry ...

as it is critical .

I tought I knew what customer needs but it was shocking when my customer told that

``no need availability `` He was a stock broker  .... he needs speed more than anything else ..

Speed is the most important factor, not availability to get better trade.

There is a word `` write penalty ``

This is the time for calculate parity and write data to disk in Raid5/6 system .

It will only take one second, But for him this one second is crucial ...No write penalty allowed in his system.

It has been 2years since then  ...DSSD is out!

DSSD use Cubic RAID. This protection method used minimum space overhead and offer Max protection .

It is 2 times better availability than classical Raid6 !

DSSD has High availability and is Super fast Storage !

Now I can visit that stock broker customer and proudly introduce DSSD !

It is the chance for you to get best result in your business with DSSD while not many people got Idea of it ....

Be quick .... soon or later everyone will have DSSD !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

Ryo.T Ryo.T

This may be very basic....What is the difference between flash module used in VNX and DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

DSSD has control module which manage Garbase Collection,Wear Leveling for entire DSSD so that each

NAND element can be last longer than other flash products (They have to manage on disk level which caused bottleneck)

Am I answering your question ?

Ryo.T Ryo.T

Thanks for the explanation! I just come up with idea that GPU and DSSD can be used together.

Pivotal had MATLAB kmeans test result that took 5days for process, if you can use DSSD for this

process,it will make faster ....

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

I agree with you that GPU computing and DSSD will mix well together .I know some customer had tried .

Processing of clustering is continuous co-reading,reasoning,and writing.The more clustering has been done , the more data creates...This is the ideal for DSSD. DSSD is built for processing huge amount of data.

Thanks for the reply ! you made good point ! Ryo.T !

makoto Makoto

Actually , there is a plan for DSSD and GPU ....Serious GPU user wants to use 3-4 GPU cards and end up

fight over PCI slot with DSSD !


Ryo.T Kent

It is interesting that mixing GPGPU and DSSD ...GPU has high-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect called NVlink ,

Imagine mixed with DSSD will create massive system !

( Mind you that NVLink only supports IBM power-processor ,,,,not DSSD yet)

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

OH ,,,there is technology for connecting GPU together ! NVlink looks faster than DSSD PCI gen3 ! ..

Super first Frontend with NVlink and Super first Backend with DSSD .... Gee this will be a beast wouldn't it ?

Thank you for the great information !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Ok,Today I will talk about cost ....

You know what is Capacity Unit price ? ( cost per 1GB ... ) To be honest with you,DSSD is not special in this DSSD is focused on speed not space.

So what is the strong point in DSSD in terms of cost ... Yep ! Performance Unit price would be the one DSSD can proud of!

It is 1GB/sec per cost,or cost per 1 IOPS. If you want to know more in detail about this,please let us know !

Ok ,Let`s move down to space ! What exactly is DSSD D5 execution capacity ?

DSSD need 18 or 36 flash module per one DSSD D5 .. ( cannot add flash module separately )


Outlined in red is Flash Module

Now you can chose 2TB or 4TB flash module but have be the same capacity withing the DSSD.

So this is the choice you have at this point ....

25TB(2TB x18disks )

50TB(2TB x36 disks or 4TB x18disks)

100TB(4TB x36disks)

BTW , DSSD can create above configuration in just 5U space ! Some people asked me if they can use daisy chain to conned or expand DSSD,unfortunately the answer is No.Let`s hope 4TB flash module come out soon !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuk

Like I told you last week ,, DSSD is super fast machine and  very specific use .

We always put some idea about DSSD to customer ... Now it is your turn.

Please advise what you can do with DSSD ! There is always blind spot .

Sometimes best Idea came out from people from other area.

New usage of DSSD D5 Wanted !

Please do not hesitate write your thought !

Let me summarize what DSSD is ...

*Super fast ... Compare with all flash block storage. Super first , no latency

*Unlike internal connection , DSSD can share data between servers quick and easy .

*Multiple protocol can be used  ... driver for Block,API for NAS,Plug in for HDFS

This is the once in a lifetime chance for revolutionize IT ! You can create NEW world with DSSD !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

Uehara Y.   Uehara Y

I saw TV that  AI learn how to drive and end up avoid crashing each other within 4 hours time .

If DSSD can be used for AI would open new world as this super fast function.

Wouldn't be interesting see the difference if one company use DSSD and other didn't.

Thanks you for the comment Uehara Y. Something like Machine learning( ML)  ,Deep Lerning(DL)  beginning to come on the table with our customers ..

It will not be long before  I can tell you the story about that!

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