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H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

As I`v been saying ... DSSD is Super fast Storage ...but for what ?

Super fast system = you get better result from it .... so what is the benefit for getting fast system ?

Money ?...... Yes...... we all work for money ....

But today, I want to share something bit different ....

Medical .... DSSD fast processing technology gives quick and effective treatment for patients.

Patient`s medical history , family history ,genes ,and other patients cases ...All information

has been checked and compared ... then find best treatment . DSSD can be used for this process and shortens analysis

time by 98% . So DSSD can make better and quicker analytic result and resulted that offering best treatment to patients !

You get to wait for 100 min at GP if they are busy but if this wait time shortened by about 98 % ... nice wouldn't it ?

DSSD can make things happen quicker .... Also DSSD is Object storage ... but most of the data are block these days ,,,,

so how can you transfer those block data to Object data ...?

NO Worries ! It can be done!

We have Server software called "Flood Block Driver"You can install this to your server.

Then DSSD looks like traditional block storage at your server !

Also other stuff called "DSSD libflood" "Plug in for HDFS" are available now !

"DSSD libflood"

Library for C+.You can get best result by using this allowing access DSSD API directory

"Plug in for HDFS"

Allow HDFS  multi Analytical Processing process from multiple servers at same time .


So ...DSSD is Object storage but this  can be used for multiple storage listed below !

Object storage ( DSSD API access )

Block Storge ( Via Flood block drive )

HDFS storage ( Via HDFS Plug in )

Do you think you can use DSSD in your system and make HUGE change ?

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