Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Today, I want to share my experience with my customer ...

AS we All know, Japanese customer expects high quality when it becomes to availability,reliability.especially in finance industry ...

as it is critical .

I tought I knew what customer needs but it was shocking when my customer told that

``no need availability `` He was a stock broker  .... he needs speed more than anything else ..

Speed is the most important factor, not availability to get better trade.

There is a word `` write penalty ``

This is the time for calculate parity and write data to disk in Raid5/6 system .

It will only take one second, But for him this one second is crucial ...No write penalty allowed in his system.

It has been 2years since then  ...DSSD is out!

DSSD use Cubic RAID. This protection method used minimum space overhead and offer Max protection .

It is 2 times better availability than classical Raid6 !

DSSD has High availability and is Super fast Storage !

Now I can visit that stock broker customer and proudly introduce DSSD !

It is the chance for you to get best result in your business with DSSD while not many people got Idea of it ....

Be quick .... soon or later everyone will have DSSD !

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