Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Ok,Today I will talk about cost ....

You know what is Capacity Unit price ? ( cost per 1GB ... ) To be honest with you,DSSD is not special in this DSSD is focused on speed not space.

So what is the strong point in DSSD in terms of cost ... Yep ! Performance Unit price would be the one DSSD can proud of!

It is 1GB/sec per cost,or cost per 1 IOPS. If you want to know more in detail about this,please let us know !

Ok ,Let`s move down to space ! What exactly is DSSD D5 execution capacity ?

DSSD need 18 or 36 flash module per one DSSD D5 .. ( cannot add flash module separately )


Outlined in red is Flash Module

Now you can chose 2TB or 4TB flash module but have be the same capacity withing the DSSD.

So this is the choice you have at this point ....

25TB(2TB x18disks )

50TB(2TB x36 disks or 4TB x18disks)

100TB(4TB x36disks)

BTW , DSSD can create above configuration in just 5U space ! Some people asked me if they can use daisy chain to conned or expand DSSD,unfortunately the answer is No.Let`s hope 4TB flash module come out soon !

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