Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Cluster Enabler multi-site clustering

Hi Edwin,

Great session so far.

My question is on SRDF / CE with a (old/er) DMX  and new VMAX arrays. With a disk expansion for a disk that is already SRDF-ed,  I think the question of active/ passive comes in here, especially with the DMX (if i remember correctly), that the cluster needs to be brought down on one node - then the disk expanded (and BCV/ etc if its striped meta) and then re-presented during which the cluster is failed over, resources brought up, etc.

Is the setup still considered active/ passive since the node needs to be brought down?

Also curious to know if this case still persists with the VMAX (has been some time that I worked on SRDF/CE on the VMAX) and any improvements on the same.



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