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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Cluster Enabler multi-site clustering

Hi Experts,

Need some urgent help with a SAN migration for windows 2008 clusters that use the EMC cluster enabler plugin. We're migrating SAN disks for W2k8 clusters (clusters use file share witness) from EMC CX4 to VNX using SAN copy. The EMC components we're running on the cluster nodes are listed below.

EMC cluster enabler mirrorview plug-in

EMC powerpath 5.5

EMC solutions enabler 7.3.0

EMC cluster enabler base component 4.1.0

There's 2 sites that use a stretched VLAN - both sites are in the same location. 2 node W2k8 cluster with 1 node in each site, each site has a CX4 and VNX array using mirrorview/s replication.

Would appreciate if you could help with the SAN disk migration procedure - more from the EMC cluster enabler perspective. Thank you.

Here's the high Level steps we plan to follow however for the EMC cluster enabler - I think we only need to add the new LUN in the existing resource group for the service (cluster resource group for DHCP for example) in cluster enabler manager console, delete the old LUN from enabler Manager and make sure the EMC enabler resource in cluster management console is added as a dependency for the new disk.

  • Establish SAN COPY
  • Wait for the Volume to be in SYNC
  • Prepare the Zoning for the Server to the new Storage
  • Ensure that the backup is completed
  • Map the new VNX volumes to the server
  • Verify the SYNC Status and split the mirror
  • Put the resource for the service offline in failover cluster manager
  • Add the new disks to cluster
  • Remove drive letter from old volume or assign any other
  • Assign drive letter of the old volume to the new volume
  • Remove the old volume from the cluster management console
  • Add new volume in service group in EMC enabler manager on each node including fileshare witness server
  • Delete old volume service group in EMC enabler manager on each node and FSW server
  • Make sure the new disk is listed as a dependency for the clustered service
  • Make sure EMC enabler resource is listed as a dependency for the new volume in failover cluster console
  • Put the resource for the service online in failover cluster manager
  • Unmap the old volumes from the servers
  • Restart the server and check whether OS and services start correctly
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