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Re: Ask the Expert about EMC VSPEX: Building your Private Cloud so that you can focus on your business

Hello Suhela,

We have designed VSPEX solutions to be built by our partners, namely our Reselling and Distribution partners.

Once the partner has sized and selected the "right" VSPEX solution they use EMC's detailed Reference Architectures which assists them in the "Build" of the solution.

The actually "Build" takes place (in most cases) at the customer's site.

VSPEX offers much flexibility in the choice of which server or switch vendor may be integrated and offers the possible to use or re-purpose assets which are already exist in the customer's data center.

If the customer prefers to have a turnkey solution delivered (pre-built) then partners may also do this.

In fact EMC recognize Distribution Partners with an accreditation named "EMC Assembly Services". Such Distribution partners combine this accreditation along with their assembly facilities to provide their Partners with a pre-built VSPEX and a simplified invoicing or what we often refer to as a "SKU" (Stock Keeping Unit) which is appreciated by the partner (esp. their back-office and accountants) making the procurement of the solution easy.



John Lavallée

Partner Solutions Lead EMEA

EMC | Global Services Partners

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