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Re: Ask the Expert about EMC VSPEX: Building your Private Cloud so that you can focus on your business

Hi Suhela,

Just adding to what John was perfectly saying, it is part of the VSPEX Partner Enablement process finding out what the partner can do with VSPEX especially in terms of assembling services and co-branding. We are providing partners the possibility to put his name on the special VSPEX console (fits on EMC's titan rack and the Panduit rack) in case the partner has the possibility for rack and stack - or involving EMC ECO-system partner like Panduit which is offering a complete service for doing this world-wide.

So in fact we have a broad spectrum of partners doing different things with VSPEX, partners which are offering already a complete set of VSPEX RA based Converged Infrastructure solutions in different sizings with own rack design approved by EMC and other partners which potentially can use their assembly lines for rack and stack and are planing this as soon as they have VSPEX SKUs defined and advertised.

On the other hand as VSPEX is flexible in terms of what the end-customer can re-use of existing infrastructure building finally a RA based CI, so we see in many cases what John was describing, building the solution at the customer site, using partner services and existing customer HW resources for this.    

Hope this makes sense,

Regards, Christian

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