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Re: Ask the Expert: VPLEX and RecoverPoint – What’s New?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, 4.0 allows up to 4 remote copies, or 1 local and 3 remote copies. One of the remote copies can be Sync, and the others (or all) could be Async. Each link is independent so it allows you to access different points in time in different locations - it's really cool.

Interestingly, since our implementation is symmetric, you can also replicate from multiple sites into a single location. This gives you the flexibility to build your multi-site environment any way you want.

Please visit the RecoverPoint booth at EMCworld for more details and to see demos. To specifically learn more about multi-site support, how it is implemented and performance considerations, join the session titled: "RecoverPoint: Optimizing Your Environment for Multi-Site Data Protection".


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