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Re: Ask the Expert: Information life cycle management with InfoArchive

Hi Surya,

>Will the system have capability to archive entire application RDBMS data?

We can archive structured and unstructured data from an RDBMS (such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). Unstructured data such as word, pdf, html, etc. docs could be stored in that relational database or referenced in a different store. We've retired content for customers that include both.

>Will there be built-in connectors for these DBs or we need to build custom connectors.

We have custom connectors that have been built based on custom applications and a library that we can use for the ETL process. However, we also use an ETL tools to facilitate the ETL process.

>Also is there a UI that can be used to retrieve the data when required (which won't be too frequent).

We have a configurable UI that is XForms and XQuery based that allows user interfaces to be configured quickly based on business needs. We can query across application data as well if that is desired, or segment the content seperately. Additionally, we have a JDBC driver to query content directly from the application retirement repository utilizing more familiar reporting tools such as Crystal, Jasper, etc.

>Also for archiving inactive data from systems like SAP, SIEBEL, etc are there connectors in-built or need some customization/coding?

Some of the ETL tools we use also include support for ETLing standard applications such as Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.

If you need more information, please let me know and we can give you details as well as case studies.