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Re: Ask the Expert: Information life cycle management with InfoArchive

>What are the key use cases that EMC supports with InfoArchive?

There are two general use cases that we see with InfoArchive. Those are active archiving and application decommissioning (also know as application retirement).

Active archiving is a way that content can be archived from applications that are still being actively used within the enterprise. The content that can be archived includes structured data, unstructured data, print streams, etc. Most of the data in these operational systems is not actively updated, but is still necessary to retain for infrequent queries from users, auditors, etc. Unfortunately, as many applications get larger the cost to maintain them grows and their performance can also suffer. Actively archiving content provides a mechanism to lower costs by reducing the amount of high cost storage, servers, database licenses, and support operations.

There are other advantages to actively archiving your content with InfoArchive beyond improving performance of your applications and lowering your costs. One of those is being able to provide consolidated views of the archived data and content across multiple applications that are being archived and better manage the retention of this data.

Application Decommissioning is the other major use case with InfoArchive. Many organizations have applications that they still maintain, but that are no longer actively being used. The cost for maintaining the infrastructure, applications, and support costs can be extensive and take a lot of IT budget. These applications are not turned off because the data may be needed by the business for compliance or other reasons. Moving the application data into InfoArchive allows these applications to be turned off, but still keep the ability to query and report on application content. Retiring these applications can provide huge ROI savings. There are additional advantages with consolidating the data from multiple applications into a single archive.

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