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Managing object retention through Atmos REST API


I just want to make sure I understand how to manage retention of objects stored on an Atmos 2.1 server.

1) The initial retention of an object can only be set by specifying some non-listable user metadata tag(s) that trigger a policy on the Atmos server which applies a specific retention to the object when it is created.

2) Once the retention attributes have been created on an object through a policy, it can be changed to either an earlier or later time by setting the user metadata tag "user.maui.retentionEnd" with a date/time string in the ISO8601 timestamp format.


a) Can the policy for an existing object be changed by updating the user metadata of the object with a different set of tags that cause the object to be associated to a different policy?

b) Is there a way over the REST API to get a list of available policies on the Atmos server, how they are triggered (e.g. metadata tag name(s) and value(s)), and what retention and expiration values they apply to objects they are associated with?

c) Where can I get a copy of the Atmos Administrator's guide (or other documentation) so I can see how these policies are created and what the various options are for them?



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