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Re: Managing object retention through Atmos REST API


One followup question:  If a policy can be changed on an object via the ON_UMD_UPDATE trigger, will that also affect its retention values, even if those retention values have been explicitly set on the object, rather than using the retention initially set by the original policy?

For example, say there are 2 policies.  Policy1 applies a 1 year retention and Policy2 applies a 5 year retention.

An object is created initially under Policy1, so gets a 1 year retention.  However, then via the REST API, the retention for the object is explicitly set to a date 30 days from now.

If later, an update is made that causes the ON_UMD_UPDATE trigger to change the policy of the object from Policy1 to Policy2, does that mean the object now has a 5 year retention?

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