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Re: Optimal Write/Object Size in Atmos

Hello David,

Thanks for a detailed reply; it's very helpful.

I understand the benefits of concurrency but our application itself is receiving data from another source as a stream of unknown size, so concurrent writing (as of today, at least) is not an option for us. We are going with approach #2 (one POST followed by multiple PUT's). We'll certainly explore reading concurrently from different parts of the object though: it would be a waste of all that powerful backend infrastructure if we didn't do that! 🙂

The network question is a really important one for us; your point of dependency on the local network and the internet backbone are well taken; however, I was wondering if there are any recommendations from the Atmos server side on the amount of buffer to set, the maximum size of the TCP window that it supports and so on. We can certainly experiment but a ballpark figure to start us off would be good.

Noentheless, thank you for your detailed reponse; it helps us much.


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