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Atmos EE 1.3.2 REST/CIFS Interface

We're testing Atmos using the v1.3.2 Evaluation Edition (Atmos-in-a-box) available from this developer portal.  We are particularly interested in coordination between the REST and CIFS interfaces.  We'd like to ingest data through REST yet make it visible to clients through the CIFS namespace interface.

We are able to write and read files directly through the CIFS interface without issue.  However, when we use the Ashish's Atmos Browser to store an object vvia REST we can see the file through CIFS using Windows Explorer but we always get a permissions error when trying to open the file via CIFS.

One interesting bit of information is that the files written using CIFS show object metadata uid/gid of 99/99 and the REST-written objects show uid/gid properties of <username>/apache.

Thanks for any input.

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