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Re: What kind of licenses do I need to integrate AVE with DD?

Hello Adam.

Many thanks for your answer - I' m really was confused with all those types of licenses.

So, let me to provide you some additional information about my issue.  Sorry if it will take your time.

At the present moment we have Avamar Virtaul Edition 7 with 2 Tb license. It already works fine for few last year. Now we are going to extend it capacity. One of the best for us solution is to by DataDomain. We are going to buy DD2200 with 17Tb and to combine it with our existing AVE. In this integration we are going to use whole disk space from DD.

Also we are going to continue use AVE, some datasets like System State or backups from 32-bit platforms will be backed up to our AVE. Another datasets like backups from 64-bit platforms will be backed up to DataDomain using AVE client and DD Boost technoogy. Also, we are going to use whole 17 Tb from DD into this solution.

And my question again is: does I need only DataDomain and DD Boost license to realize this solution? No any another licenses?

Thans in advance.


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