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The value of "Capacity used" is greater than "Bytes protected"


Reproduced below is an output of the command that shows that the value of "Capacity used" is greater than "Bytes protected"

root@avamar://#: mccli server show-prop

0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.

Attribute                        Value

-------------------------------- ----------------------------

State                            Full Access

Active sessions                  0

Total capacity                   23.3 TB

Capacity used                    20.8 TB

Server utilization               89.2%

Bytes protected                  16.1 TB

But, in fact, the the value of "Capacity used" should be much less. The license allows to have 11TB of protected data max.

The current status of the OS capacity is 65%. Is there any way to reduce the used capacity and server utilization as a result?

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