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Activity window entries disappear

We recently upgraded from Avamar 7.4.1 to 7.5.1. Shortly prior to the upgrade, I ran into a situation where entries in the Avamar's activity window in the Administrator GUI would disappear. I was hoping this problem would be fixed in 7.5.1. Alas, this problem continues on the two Avamar systems I manage (primary and replication target).

I opened an SR with Dell EMC about it yesterday. Much to my surprise, this problem can't be fixed. We are replicating so many backups via policy-based replication that the replications' log entries are pushing off the log entries from the previous night's backups. As a result, I am working blind with regard to managing the nightly backups and troubleshooting any failed backups because there's no way to click on the activity entry for a failed backup to view its log. Most of what we back up and replicate are VMware VMs.

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this situation. How do you manage your backups when you can't see the activity log from the previous night or weekend? If I need to generate a support bundle to upload to an SR, what should I do? I want to document all of this so I can have a colleague handle backup management when I am not available.

Are their any third party or optional EMC products that provide Avamar log file management that I should know about?



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