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Re: Replication between AV5.0 and 6.1.1.

Well you can replicate to two different avamar servers. Below is the procedure-

You will have to build another file say repl_cron_2.cfg and update the dstaddr flag.

Additionally, goto /usr/local/avamar/bin. Copy repl_cron into a new file repl_cron_2 and replace all the occurrences of repl_cron with repl_cron_2.

Next in the same location you will find a file called

Search for the string repl_cron and you will find something like this:

'repl_cron' => [ 'repl_cron' ],

Simply create a line below it with -

'repl_cron_2' => [ 'repl_cron_2' ],    (name of this cron file should be the same as the one created above)

Finally, schedule the replication job in dpn's crontab with the new repl_cron_2.

That should do it !