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Re: Unable to generate login cookie/ticket

Thanks for your prompt response !

I am trying to write a client that will monitor and manage the vnx server remotely by calling to xml api server. To work with the XML API, the client application must authenticate itself with the Celerra Control Station by using a special login request. The response from the login script carries an HTTP cookie called Ticket in one of the HTTP headers. Each subsequent HTTP request from the user should send this cookie back to the HTTP server. This is what I am trying to do hence my client first calls to recevie cookie/ticket.

My client does not receive the HTTP cookie, hence, it cannot proceed further with subsequent requests that require cookie to  be included within each subsequent request to simulate the valid session.

I did check the guide section on configuring and starting the XML API server.  This line is uncommented in nas_mcd.cfg file :

daemon "XML API Server"-

executable "/nas/sbin/start_xml_api_server" optional yes

canexit yes

autorestart yes

ioaccess no

My client seems to connect to the vnx server to establish the connection on default port 443. The next call is to recevie the ticket. This call does not return any http response body or http cookie/ticket. The outgoing call looks as folowing :


2012/11/06 20:52 Notice: POST https://<IP ADDRESS of control station/vnx server>/Login HTTP/1.1

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Host: <IP ADDRESS of controlstation/vnx server>

Content-Length: 43



Can you also let me know how I verify if the xml api server is running ? as well as how do I know if the incoming client request is logged somewhere ? I do see some attributes for debug though tye seem to be specific to EMC systems only.

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