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Re: Unable to generate login cookie/ticket

Yes, I’m familiar with XML API

I think you should get the cookie right as a response of the login request

Try http – if you use https on 443 you also need to use SSL

Once you are successfully logged in you will see XML request / responses in /nas/log/cel_api.log

First you need to get the login right though.

Check /nas/http/access_log for errors

I’m not a programmer myself and I don’t know gsoap – I did see several code pieces successfully using the XML API from Java, C++ or sh for different customers.

I did see one case in C++ where the login was working with http but not https – it turned out the customer was mixing POST and GET, which somehow didn’t work well with SSL.

They were getting a 403 error on the login. Once they changed their login code to just use POST it worked fine.

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