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VNXe 3150 serial port (RJ45 and DB9) not responding...

I have a VNXe3150, that is hardly used. It was retired after 2 months of purchase some one year before, collecting dust. 

Restarted the VNXe3150. Found out it is not getting dhcp ip addresses, to talk to it from the browser http protocol.

Tried serial port :

RJ45 (network CAT5e cable looking type) next to SA/SB storage controllers' controller/administrator CAT5 network port.

command 'stty -f /dev/usb-serial-xxxx

With 9600 baud rate as:

$> cu -l /dev/cu.usbserial-AH05XJ8L -s 9600


The above connection is from my macbook pro.

But it does NOT respond to any commands such as:



What commands will this port respond?

CAn I RESET the system to factory setup.

I referred to "VNXe Service Commands" manual pdf at:

Please help.

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