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Re: How do I change the nbpi (inode size) value

that would be the npbi option of nas_fs

however since the default is 8k and the Celerra block size is also 8k (no partials) this usually doesnt make sense unless you have lots of empty files or links/symlinks

I think what you are rather hitting is the ufs.inodelimit param

ufs inodelimit
257949696 ¿ 4294967295
Default: 257949696 (0xf6000000)
Specifies the maximum number of inodes for a new file system or a file system extension.

In order to save space by default we only create inodes for the first 2TB worth of file system.
If you change that param and then create a 6TB fs you get more inodes
Also if you extend it (I believe)
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