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Re: VDM Copied using IP Replicator

Yes - that's true - no need to share the file systems on DR side again - that's the use of VDM replication.

However, please note that, you 'll not load the VDM at the destination manually - rather run the NAS Replication command to either switchover or failover to the DR side - you can do it from GUI or from CLI. The replication switchover or failover or reverse basically takes care of loading the VDM on the DR side and changing the VDM state of prod side (if available - based on the command you choose) to mounted.

The catch is, only one VDM in a replication pair can be in a loaded state, the other will be in Mounted state.

Also - I am sure you are doing file system replication (user data) as well - once you failover the VDM replication - you need to failover the File system replication session as well - in order to make the data available on the DR side.

Please refer to the Celerra Replicator manual for more details and clarifications.

Happy to post my 2 cents :)
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