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Re: Move DAE's

Jim,  that support article is a litle wierd.  First, none of the senarios show going from CX3 to CX4.  all the issues with the zero mark are from CX4 to Cx3.  but at the end it say that moving disks from CX3 to CX4 (vise versa) can lead to data lose.

I can tell you from personal experience, i just finshed a 6 month migration project in which i moved 12 FC and SATA DAE's from a CX380 and placed them on (2) CX4's. Then recarved them up and the lun's have been in production for months with out any COH or soft media errors.

I think that article has a typo in it.   I understand taking a disk that was zeromarked on a CX4 and putting it in a CX3 would be bad

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