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RAID level for SATA 1TB on CX4-120


I have acquired a cx4-120 for backup purpose. It has 35 SATA II 1TB in 3 DAE.

I've never deal with SATA up to now. Only FC drives. I'm wondering I hope reaching 200MB/s of write and around 300 MB/s of read both sequential.

I'm wondering what the best is for RG.

Having two 15 drives RG in RAID5 (1 LUN per RG), like that I don't have my RG across DAE? This left me with 5 hard to use SATA drives (of course I'll setup 1 or 2 HS out of these). I don't know if it's recommended to have a RG with drives across DAE. This configuration gives me 12840.52 GB per LUN.

On the other hand I could have 2 RG of 16 drives in RAID6 (still 1 LUN per RG). But this time I've RG across DAE. I also have more spindles per RG but 10% less perfs for writes than the same in RAID5. I also have a better protection than RAID5. This conf would lead me to 32 bounded drives and 3 left (I'll still setup 1 or 2 HS out of these).

I'm trying to have RG with a lot of drives for max IO.

What are you thinking of me situation. What would be your suggestion of a good RG configuration?

Thank you in advance for your answers.



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