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Re: RAID level for SATA 1TB on CX4-120


First I want to thank you guys for your answers.

I went to the EMC CLARiiON Best Practices for Performance and Availability

I figured out that for my IO needs 2 RG of 10+2 were enough.

In my initial design I had to deal with 25 drives. So with 2 RG of 10+2 and 1 HS 25 was perfect.

The thing is that now I must deal with 35 drives.

Anyway, one of my question for RG across DAE was related to the load of the parity on the LCC linking the 2 DAE used by the RG.

To be more precise, if the RG is bound between 0_1 and 0_2, the LCC connecting the 2 DAE will have to support the parity traffic in addition of the traffic to access RG defined in the DAE 0_2.

Could this LCC become a bottleneck?

Otherwise I will with vertical provisioning.


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