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Re: CX4 sense cable issue

Hello Glen,

Sry. Is a CX4-240. Was an error typing. We have AX too but we never had

issues with them.

The error appears 3 month ago and was first on one SPS and after few days

on the second one too.

We replaced both SPS two weeks ago and still have this problem.

After we replaced both SPS at start we had the same error on both but at a

moment one switched and was ok. The other one still have the error.

I am thinking the same that might be the processor module but i hope will

be not. Is really hard to change it because this model is absolete.

Thank you,


kelleg <>

05/21/2018 07:24 PM

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Re: - CX4 sense cable issue


CX4 sense cable issue

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I'm guessing that this is an AX4-5 and not a CX4-5 (there is no CX4-5

model). On the AX4-5 each Storage Processor has a connector for the SPS

cable. If both cables work correctly on SPA but not on SPB, they you may

have an issue with the circuitry on SPB. The replacement model for AX4-5

is to replace the SPB module.


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