8 Krypton

Re: CX300 won't boot

The Fault light on the SP blinks when booting up - the frequency of the blinks indicates the state of the boot process.


1. once/4 seconds — BIOS activity.

2. once/second — POST activity.

3. four/second — booting.

Steady indicates fault

If the blinks stay in one stage, that indicates a problem in that stage. If the lights are blinking at the rate of one blink every four seconds, that means the BIOS activity has discovered an error and will not proceed to the next stage. If both fault lights on each SP are stuck in the same stage (BIOS), that may indicate a problem with the getting to the next stage (POST) where access to the Vault (or the OS) drives come into play. This may indicate a problem in the disks. and will probably require someone to troubleshoot the issue as you may have an issue with the Vault disks, or image on the vault disks.

SPA uses disks 0 for booting the array OS (disk 2 is a mirror of disk 0).

SPB uses disks 1 for booting the array OS (disk 3 is a mirror of disk 0).

You could power off the array, then remove all but the first disk (disk 0) in the DPE (first set of disks) and disconnect any other DAE's (remember to label the DAE cables so that you get the cables back in the correct position) and remove SPB, then power on just SPA - if that boots, you will still get some faults as the other SP is removed and the disks are all removed except for disk 0, but at least you could see if the SP will boot. You could then try the same steps with SPB and its boot disk (disk 1) and see if SPB boots.