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Strange CX4-960...

Hi everyone.

I'm used to play with old Clarrion CX Series & Clariion CX3 series since we own a few of them.

I purchased two second hand CX4-960 in Uk for our lab, and I have a few questions:

1) Is a std CX4-960 bundled with QSFP -> HSSDC2/DAE Cables ? I thought the cables were the same as the CX3 (ie SFP->HSSDC2)

2) What is SRIO 3Gb card ? Doesn't it mean this CX4 was part of a VMAX ?

3) if answer to question 2 is yes, is there a way to convert it back to CX4-960 ?

The Seller (pro) has forgotten to send the FlareOS disks, and I need to know if it's on purpose (because they can't have them as it's a part of a VMAX SAN) or if it's by mistake and can be corrected.

Thanks in advance.

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