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Re: Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

There are plans underway to investigate where we could take the EHC solution and run it on VxRack SDDC infrastructure that is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. There is more to be done on the engineering side for both VMware and Dell EMC to move in that direction. There are some product Gaps as well as overlaps that need to be worked through between both sides. Right now VxRack SDDC is in a Limited Availability (Directed Availability) state at this time. The version of Cloud Foundation being used doesn't support an SDDC Manager deployed vRA or vRealize Business for Cloud at this time, although VMware has stated it plans to include it as an integrated component with Cloud Foundation in a future release. Where that would fit with being compatible with the deployment and support structure of an EHC hybrid cloud platform is TBD. But it is being investigated. Needless to say, all of this are potential futures and are not something that is supported at this time. Below is an excerpt answer from an FAQ that can probably address the positioning between the two.

Q: How does VxRack SDDC compare to Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?A: VxRack SDDC is a turnkey hyper-converged HW/SW system for running VMware Cloud Foundation software. Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is a complete Hybrid Cloud Platform solution based on the best of breed HW and SW technologies from Dell EMC and VMware. The EHC solution has been certified to run on Dell EMC VxBlock, VxRack FLEX, and VxRail Converged Infrastructure and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure platforms only and includes a completely engineered and validated turnkey VMware private cloud management software stack, pre-engineered automation workflows, and service catalog items based on vRealize Suite and vRealize Orchestrator. For customers who are looking for a true BUY experience for obtaining a turnkey VMware based IaaS for the whole stack (inclusive of pre-validated and deployed CMP layers), EHC is recommended. VxRack SDDC allows for a BUY experience for deploying a VMware Software Defined Data Center infrastructure only at this time. A customer would still be required to BUILD their choice of Cloud Management Platform to consume the VxRack SDDC infrastructure resources separately. They would be responsible for deploying their own CMP software, configuring it, building their own service catalogs, and building their own automation workflows for service catalog item deployment that would run on VxRack SDDC infrastructure. Even though automating the deployment of vRealize Automation is part of the Cloud Foundation roadmap, it will just deploy the software. It won’t configure and include pre-built/pre-engineered workflows and service catalog items like as is the case with EHC.