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Brocade DS-6505-B Merging

Could some expert confirm to us that the following Brocade Switch Merging work without impact on the Existing Merged Production Pair Switches????


1. Existing Pair of Merged Switch (Firmware FOS 7.0.2) are of switchDomain 1 & 2 having the Merged Configuration defined and in effect.

2. There is a New Switch (Firmware FOS 7.0.2) of switchDomain 1 with no configuration defined and no configuration in effect

3. The New Switch switchDomain is going to be changed from existing 1 to 3 before connecting it to the Merged Pair of Switches

4. Please confirm that we can merge all 3 switches together as connected below without any lost  and impact on existing Merged Configuration.

          switchDomain 1------------- switchDomain 2-------------switchDomain 3 (New Switch)

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