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Re: What is the way to implement failover where DDBOOST IFGroup is configured?

This is all great information and the partner guide is very helpful, but i was wondering if I could get a sanity check on what I am thinking about doing as a way to satisfy my failover requirements while still maintaining optimal bandwidth and access to the Data Domain:


  • veth3 (mgmt/dns IP)
    • veth1: eth1a, eth1c (active to LACP_Port_Channel1 on Sw1)
    • veth2: eth1b, eth1d (passive to LACP_Port_Channel2 on Sw2)
  • eth3a, eth3c, eth4a, eth4c, eth5a, eth5c (active to LACP_Port_Channel1 on Sw1)
  • eth3b, eth3d, eth4b, eth4d, eth5b, eth5d (passiveto LACP_Port_Channel2 on Sw2)

This way data access is maintained over 6 interfaces (1/2 the DD) at all times while dns is maintained through either Sw1 on the veth1 interfaces in normal mode, or Sw2 on the veth2 interfaces in failover mode.

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